"How Do I Choose the Right Fit?" College series

Hello Parents,

Attached and included are the materials that the Guidance Department has used over several Fridays with the juniors in thinking                                                         about college in the "How Do I Choose the Right Fit?" College series:

* How Do I Choose The Right Fit? - Post-seondary options

* How Do I Visit A College?

* How Do I Pay for College?

*Net Price Calculators and Scholarships

We hope these tools will be helpful to your family in the postsecondary decision making process and that you and your student                                                              can plan at least one postsecondary visit for this spring. 

Please visit the Scholarship page for a list of scholarships and up to date information on upcoming summer opportunities.


Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Stout

Financial Aid ppt for Juniors                                            Fin Aid 7 Steps NACAC

Netprice and Scholarship worksheet                               Post Secondary Education: What is the Right Path

Grants Scholarships Loans Chart                                    College Visits and Comparison Tools