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Newly Adopted TPHHS Competency Policy

Competency Policy

1.  The minimum grade for passing a Competency is 70% (regular grading scale) and 53% (modified grading scale). No honors scale provided.

2.  When a student fails a competency with the 70% / 53% they are required to talk to their teacher about what they need to do as review to retake the assessment. Review materials determined by the originating teacher may be made available for distribution by other [0/8th hour or Advisory] teachers.

3.  Preparation to retake is mandatory. Completed review materials must be returned to the originating teacher before students retake the competency.

4.  Teachers should set an appointed time to re-administer the competency with the student.  Strongly encourage students to retake a Competency within two weeks of receiving notice of the failing grade (5 -10 school days).

5.  When and where? Encourage students to take competency retakes during 0/8th Hour or Advisory. This involves arranging a retake date and time in advance and notifying the teacher(s) assigned to 0/8th hour or Advisory about proctoring and returning the completed test to the originating teacher. Security is the issue, so we know the answers given were generated by what the student has learned.

6. The grading policy for competency retakes is: These are maximum grades a student can get.       (regular scale) 1st retake is 92% (A-),

                                        2nd retake is 88% (B+),

                                    3rd retake is 85% (B),

                                    4th retake 80% (B-) and

                                        beyond that70% (C-)  

        (modified scale)       1st retake is 63%, (B)

                                        2nd retake is 60%, (B-)

                                        3rd retake is 58%, (C+)

                                        4th retake is 55%, (C) and

                                        beyond that 53%. (C-)

Also, homework assignments and test plans are listed on The Potter's House Eboard:   The username is TPHHS  and the password is pumas  

You can check your child's grades and attendance on Inow.  If you don't have your username and password please contact Karen Vandenberge, our Guidance Assistant, by e-mail